British Columbia is home to a stunning array of islands, each offering unique landscapes, communities, and challenges when it comes to maintaining property integrity against leaks. AnyLeak is proud to offer our specialized leak detection services across these diverse locales, ensuring that no matter where you are, your home, business, or government property is protected against the damages caused by water and air infiltration.

1. Vancouver Island: The largest island on the West Coast of North America, Vancouver Island is a hub of both residential and commercial activity. Key areas include:

  • Victoria: The bustling capital with historic buildings and modern infrastructure.
  • Nanaimo: Known as the Harbour City, requiring robust solutions for its waterfront properties.
  • Courtenay: A growing city with expanding residential and commercial sectors.

Our Services: From historic homes in Victoria to the rapidly expanding commercial sectors in Nanaimo and Courtenay, AnyLeak provides tailored solutions to meet every need.

2. Salt Spring Island: Famous for its vibrant artist community and organic farming, Salt Spring Island has a variety of residential and boutique commercial properties.

  • Ganges: The central hub with a concentration of businesses and homes.
  • Fulford Harbour: A quaint village requiring careful attention to protect its charming properties.

Our Services: AnyLeak offers environmentally sensitive leak detection services to protect the unique blend of properties on Salt Spring Island.

3. Bowen Island: Close to Vancouver yet a world away, Bowen Island’s residents enjoy a tranquil life with specific needs for property maintenance.

  • Snug Cove: The gateway to the island with a mix of commercial and residential buildings.
  • Cates Hill: A residential area with expansive homes needing discreet leak prevention solutions.

Our Services: Tailored, non-invasive leak detection to preserve the peace and integrity of Bowen Island properties.

4. Quadra Island: Known for its stunning wilderness and vibrant community.

  • Quathiaski Cove: The commercial and social heart of the island.
  • Heriot Bay: Known for its rustic charm and waterfront properties.

Our Services: Advanced technology and expertise are used to handle the rustic and often secluded properties of Quadra Island effectively.

5. Gabriola Island: Known as the “Isle of the Arts”, Gabriola Island is home to a rich community of artists and craftspeople.

  • Gabriola Village: The bustling center with a mix of residential and small businesses.
  • Silva Bay: A popular marina area requiring specialized services for waterfront properties.

Our Services: AnyLeak’s bespoke services cater to the unique structures and artistic studios of Gabriola Island.

6. Pender Island: Comprised of North and South Pender, connected by a bridge, these islands offer a relaxed lifestyle with diverse property types.

  • North Pender: Features residential areas with a mix of vacation and long-term homes.
  • South Pender: Largely undeveloped, with luxurious estates and quiet retreats.

Our Services: From vacation homes to luxurious estates, AnyLeak provides comprehensive leak detection services tailored for the Pender Islands’ lifestyle.

7. Denman Island: Known for its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Denman Village: The central community hub with essential services and homes.
  • Fillongley Park: A beautiful area with homes nestled in nature, requiring careful leak detection and protection.

Our Services: AnyLeak ensures that Denman Island’s natural beauty is matched with equally careful and effective leak detection services.

8. Hornby Island: Famous for its sandy beaches, arts, and recreational activities.

  • Tribune Bay: A popular recreational area with homes and businesses.
  • Hornby Village: The cultural and commercial center of the island.

Our Services: Hornby Island’s unique properties, from beachfront homes to cultural centers, are well-protected with AnyLeak’s specialized services.

9. Cortes Island: A remote and beautiful island with a small, tight-knit community.

  • Manson’s Landing: A critical community center with a mix of residential and community buildings.
  • Whaletown: Known for its historical significance and older structures.

Our Services: AnyLeak’s services in Cortes Island are designed to respect the community’s heritage while providing state-of-the-art leak detection technology.

10. Thetis Island: A peaceful island community ideal for those seeking solitude and natural beauty.

  • Telegraph Harbour: The main area with homes and limited commercial activity.
  • Preedy Harbour: A quiet residential area with a focus on privacy and tranquility.

Our Services: AnyLeak provides discreet and efficient leak detection services to maintain the tranquility and privacy of Thetis Island homes.


Across each of these islands in British Columbia, AnyLeak delivers expertise, technology, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that no matter the location or type of property, you have a partner in leak detection who is just a call away.

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