Public infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, and public buildings, is vital for the functioning of society. Moisture intrusion and water leaks in these structures can lead to severe consequences, such as structural damage, safety hazards, and costly repairs. AnyLeak specializes in advanced moisture detection services for public infrastructure across British Columbia. Our expertise and state-of-the-art technology ensure early detection and prevention of moisture-related issues, preserving the integrity and longevity of these critical assets.

Importance of Moisture Detection in Public Infrastructure

Moisture detection in public infrastructure is crucial for several reasons:

  • Structural Integrity: Prolonged exposure to moisture can weaken concrete, steel, and other construction materials, compromising the structural integrity of infrastructure.
  • Safety: Moisture can create hazardous conditions, such as slippery surfaces, mold growth, and electrical hazards.
  • Cost Efficiency: Early detection and remediation of moisture issues prevent expensive repairs and prolong the lifespan of infrastructure.
  • Service Continuity: Maintaining dry and safe infrastructure ensures uninterrupted public services and transportation.

Our Services

Advanced Moisture Detection Techniques

At AnyLeak, we employ a range of advanced techniques to detect moisture in public infrastructure accurately and efficiently:

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is a non-invasive technique that uses thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature variations caused by moisture intrusion. This method allows us to identify moisture issues behind walls, under floors, and in other concealed areas.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR is used to detect subsurface moisture in roads, bridges, and other structures. This technology helps us locate and assess the extent of moisture intrusion without damaging the infrastructure.

Moisture Meters

Our technicians use high-precision moisture meters to measure the moisture content in construction materials. This provides accurate data on the presence and extent of moisture issues.

Acoustic Emission Testing

This technique involves detecting the sound of cracking or leaking in structures, allowing us to pinpoint areas affected by moisture intrusion.

Comprehensive Moisture Prevention Solutions

In addition to detection, AnyLeak offers a range of moisture prevention solutions to protect public infrastructure:


We provide extensive waterproofing services for bridges, tunnels, and public buildings. This includes the application of waterproof membranes, sealants, and coatings to prevent moisture intrusion.

Drainage Solutions

Effective drainage systems are crucial for preventing moisture buildup. We design and install drainage solutions to ensure that water is efficiently diverted away from infrastructure.

Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Routine inspections and maintenance are essential for early detection and prevention of moisture issues. Our team conducts regular assessments and provides detailed reports and recommendations for maintaining dry and safe infrastructure.

Technology and Expertise

Cutting-Edge Technology

AnyLeak uses the latest technology in moisture detection and prevention to deliver top-notch services. Our equipment includes:

  • High-resolution infrared cameras
  • Ground penetrating radar systems
  • Precision moisture meters
  • Advanced acoustic emission detectors

Experienced Professionals

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, including engineers, technicians, and contractors, with extensive experience in moisture detection and prevention. We continually train our staff to stay abreast of the latest industry advancements and best practices.

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Bridge Moisture Detection


A major bridge in British Columbia showed signs of moisture damage, raising concerns about its structural integrity.


Using ground penetrating radar and infrared thermography, we identified areas of moisture intrusion within the bridge structure. We then applied waterproof coatings and installed an efficient drainage system to prevent further moisture buildup.


The bridge’s structural integrity was preserved, and the risk of moisture-related damage was significantly reduced.

Case Study 2: Public Building Waterproofing


A public building in Vancouver experienced recurring moisture issues, leading to mold growth and indoor air quality concerns.


We conducted a thorough moisture assessment using infrared thermography and moisture meters. After identifying the problem areas, we applied waterproof membranes and sealants to prevent moisture intrusion. Regular maintenance and inspections were also scheduled.


The building remained dry and mold-free, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for occupants.

Areas We Serve

AnyLeak provides moisture detection and prevention services for public infrastructure across British Columbia, including:

  • Vancouver
  • Victoria
  • Surrey
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • Kelowna
  • Kamloops
  • Nanaimo

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